Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Google, Adsense and Youtube have been robbing you for years. Except that up until now they have been doing it subtly. But now its all out in the open.
For 3 or 4 years, I have had a YouTube account which was generating approximately $400 to $600 a month.
Not famous but it helped pay the bills and before you judge and say "get some real work", keep in mind that I am disabled man and have a crippling disorder that affects my hands and feet (MS). To no fault of mine. Like my doctor say's "it's just shitty luck.
I have 21 blogs and web sites (not actually all mine, some are my gf's and a couple other people, which adsense refused an account and kept their revenue). These sites combined generated about $850 bucks and lately as much as $4300/mth. But I also spend a few hundred in FB ads and other advertising sources to reach that goal.
Not bad and definitely a life changer.
 I can understand Google cheating honest people. Because there are many cheats and thieves with bots and other schemes, by clicking ads on multiple sites all at once, thereby defrauding advertisers out of advertising dollars. But even in those cases when they get caught (and usually do) Google keeps the revenue generated by the con which has already been paid out.
But not everyone cheats (like my bff who is as honest as the day is long and got her account shut down and accused of clicking her own ads).
The biggest problem, lies on the lack of communication on Google's part, or non at all.
Given the opportunity, we can give them copies of the advertising receipts that generated more than 1.5 million views just on my news blog alone, which they also filter out to a few hundred viewers.
Good example; recently YouTube cut 90% of most Youtubers Income because of non advertiser friendly content, No dialog, no explanation no nothing (here today, gone tomorrow).
The same people that made Google's YouTube millions and popular. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
Messaging Google, Youtube, Adsense or any platform associated with Google, you might as well be writing on the man's room wall. You can express your concerns, but it just get flashed down the toilet with no response.
Below, is examples of what I am talking about.
The 1st is March's income ($2392), the 2nd what they actually paid ($871) and same with 3rd and 4th ($4342) and ($63) respectively. You get the idea, So if you think we are getting rich with this, think again $63 won't even pay our groceries for a week.
At this point I don't care what they do to my accounts. I make more money just playing around with their competitors platforms. At least I may end up on the street but not hungry.
I for one will be jumping with joy, when they hit the ground face first and either go out of business or are forced to scrounge for followers like they did when they started. You know what they say "don't kick ass on the way up, because it may be attached to the guy you meet on your way down".
Mark my words it will happen. Major Youtubers have already started to shift platforms and it won't be long before their followers will too.
Since the beginning of the month we have turned off our advertising efforts because its costing us more the Google pays us. However we could really use your help and support to keep our work going which consumes a lot of time, by going to and making a small donation or and donate a $1 a month. Yes you heard right, a month.
Thank you for being a patron and helping us keeping the world informed.


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