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Google / YouTube and FB should be ashamed of hindering, curbing or downright stopping good people from making an honest income online and providing for their families, just because their narrative goes against Googles political ideologies or leftist views.
By doing so, you are robbing your patrons and your country to flourish and shine in the world.
How? Unemployed online Creators and Marketers pay no taxes and kill any motivation to even try. Thereby increasing their dependence on the already frail welfare state for survival.
Example: This blog which is suppressed for its content has never grown past a couple of hundred views a day in a couple of years, while its identical copy page on Facebook gets 30000 views each month.


Monday, July 10, 2017

Analysis Diabetes the costliest condition in US health care

Dear friends YouTube deleted my account which was in good standing with over million views.No reason, no explanation.
Now they will only approve channels for monetization with 10,000 views or more with non controversial matter. News was what my channel was about and what can be more controversial than news.
Please help me get those 10000 views just by clicking on the videos I post, more than once if you can.
Thank you for being a friend and helping out.

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