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Google / YouTube and FB should be ashamed of hindering, curbing or downright stopping good people from making an honest income online and providing for their families, just because their narrative goes against Googles political ideologies or leftist views.
By doing so, you are robbing your patrons and your country to flourish and shine in the world.
How? Unemployed online Creators and Marketers pay no taxes and kill any motivation to even try. Thereby increasing their dependence on the already frail welfare state for survival.
Example: This blog which is suppressed for its content has never grown past a couple of hundred views a day in a couple of years, while its identical copy page on Facebook gets 30000 views each month and to over 1700 daily through our subscribers.

Update: I wanted to let you know that big changes are coming to Google Chrome in July 2018, that could have a negative impact on your marketing efforts. The browser will begin blocking all urls that do not use an SSL security certificate, and instead show users a warning message.
Any links that you are currently using, will need to have that ‘S’ added after the http (https://).
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Project Archetype

Project Archetype


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Trying to make money online LOL, LOL, LOL this why most fail online

Why making money online, is becoming increasingly more difficult, if not impossible.

Starting with Facebook:
  1. They invite you to invite friends but if you invite more than 20 or so a day, They suspend your account or delete it all together. "What is the definition of friends you might well ask?  it is a stranger you have not yet met.".... That is why it is called a SOCIAL media.
  2. They will push your posts so far down your wall, that no one sees it, if it doesn't conform with their liberal views. This is called Shadow Banning. 
  3. If you place ads connected to your business and ONE person in several thousand, flags it as spam they delete all together. All it takes is ONE. No investigation, no contact.
  4. They can and will block or delete your account based on a single complaint without contacting you and if you try to reach them, you might as well spray paint your complaint on a brick wall.
  5. You can try to place your ads on business groups, but most of the time they will again mark it as spam. Or a complaint from 1 or 2 assholes will get your access to groups permanently deleted like they did with me.
  6. If you use an auto poster, you will eventually get deleted. 
  7. If you try to take e-mails by force or use a bot on FB you will definitely get deleted for spaming once it comes to their attension.
  8. Here is the cruncher. They encourage you to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but when you do they only show it in developing countries where the average weekly salary is about what your average American makes at work in one day before lunch. Thereby not able to afford to buy anything you have to offer.
Below is a geographical map from my auto responder (Getresponse) where my ads are being shown (gray areas).
So if you think that you are going to make money with FB think again. Your ads end up in the middle of Africa somewhere where there is only poverty and starvation. Unless you are a prime customer like a mega corporation, them your ads might show up in North Americas and UK.


Google has many tentacles like YouTube, Adsense, Adwords. But we will examine them separately.
  1. Blogger: No issues with Blogger, as long as your blog is about sugar and spice and everything nice. But if your blog is in the slightest bit controversial or conservative and you run Adsense ads on it, Forget it, they keep your viewer count to less than 200 a day, so that you will never prosper from your blog like this one. In the meantime, we get thousands of viewers on a daily basis on the replica page on FB. This is a problem because when independent advertisers see your low numbers, they don't want to touch you with a 10 foot pole and advertise with you. And why would they? Everyday over 10,000 RSS feeds get sent out to the e-mails on the auto responder, with an average of 10% open rate thats 1000 viewers a day just on that alone, not 200 or less reported by Google stats. 
  2. Adsense: No issues if you are making a few cents a day, until you start making real money off the platform. Then they will accuse you of ad bombing or some other BS and terminate your account a day before pay day....  Ad bombing is the act of clicking on your own ads or asking your friends to do it for you to gain income. They don't actually have to prove it, although, it is easy by tracking your cookies, but even when they can't prove, if you use a VPN on your computer for instance, all they have to do is accuse you and you are gone.
  3. Adwords: Expensive and more often than non you spend hundreds of dollars and make $0.
  4. Youtube: Now there's a piece of work if I ever did see one. Guys and Gals that only a few short years ago, where making a living from YouTube and small fortunes are now unemployed and making a few dollars a month and maintaining their channel by selling T-shirts and coffee mugs.... It all started out slowly by removing Ads that they thought were non-user friendly. Then the removal of the Ads, became more and more frequent and appealing their decision, you might as well be talking to your dog. Eventually most of the money making ads disappeared, except a few large companies, that didn't care where the ads ended up, or guys trying to sell you on free webinars that promises you how to make a gazillion dollars a month selling a sewing machine.... and now they have the audacity to ask people if they want to pay for the service, after destroying the livelihood of so many YouTubers
Auto Responders: They all claim to be the best and promise you the highest deliverability of your emails, but if your list is not squeaky clean and if Google or Yahoo, drives to many of your e-mails into the spam folder (more than 1%), your ass is toast and terminate your account and blame YOU for it.
They all do that and some won't even give you the chance to repair the problem. You lose contacts, money and all your landing pages, unless you have learned your lesson from the past experiences and you have Leadpages or something similar.
I was with Infusionsoft which I really liked until compliance starter with me and what of lack of support and compassion for their client that was. Below is a copy of emails that transpired.

To the CEO of infusionsoft:

Clate or Mr. Mask whichever you prefer.
I have been with Infusionsoft for about 5 months now.
I have taken your pricey Kick Starter course. ($300 US or $394 CND for 6 days of fly-by-might instruction on the usage of the platform)
Before that I had no idea on how to put a campaign together. Ever since then with the courteous and knowledgeable tech support staff, I have learned a few things.
I started building several campaigns and implemented what I had learned.
Then when my sales dropped from my previous auto responder, your support guys (Matt) put me on to a Marketing expert (Scott Stroud) to see what the problem was. He said that everything looked good, but I should increase the frequency of my e-mails for about 2 weeks, them pause for a couple of months, then restart them again.
I took his advice and a couple of days later Lyle Lamb from compliance suspends my account.
I contact support again and told Jason that every week, I clean my list and delete complainers, fake e-mails and non-marketables  He told me that the problem was my stale contacts. So I did the most heart-breaking thing, but necessary, I deleted 9600 plus contacts,
Then I get an email from this XXXX guy (Lyle) to scheduler an e-mail 1/2 hour conference on Monday to discuss the problem, without telling me what the problem was.
I know that you give your KIDS in compliance a Carte Blanche to suspend or delete accounts whenever they like, while your sales team bust their balls to keep them, but in my opinion, accounts should never be suspended without giving your clients a chance to correct the problem, and never delete them unless the client knowingly keeps abusing the platform. Especially new clients just getting acquainted
Because while the account is suspended, we are losing the little revenue we make from the platform and our CSV lists keep building up from where all my leads come from. FB paid ads.
PS Just a note, all my campaigns are built with FB, Clicbank ads or linkshare and leads are exclusively from FB paid Ads.

(i say little revenue because even if you have 10000 contacts, you can only use tags on the campaign being advertised on FB., A few hundred at best. The other 9000 will never see what you are selling.) But if you include the 9k you will get hit with a spam count so high it make you head spin and your ass terminated. A waste if $225 CDN a month if you ask me.

Compliance 4 days later:

I wanted to share some info with you prior to our scheduled call. I have been reviewing the application and all the marketing you have sent. During my review I have discovered concerning email marketing practices that give us no choice but to discontinue our business relationship. I have attached a file with some of the data. Please review this data and be prepared to discuss timeline for you to transition out of the the Infusionsoft platform ASAP. We will work with you to ensure you have enough time to do this but the functionality of the software will be very limited.

95% of your email is being flagged for spam based on content and sender reputation. What does hit the inbox is being marked as spam by the recipient.
(There was a chart attached and the scheduled meeting never happened)


Lyle Lamb

(No option to fix the problem and the blame for something that Google and Yahoo did was blamed on me)


Lyle you have your wires crossed here is why, even if these stats are in anyway connected to me.
First, the providers I don't use AOL, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or any other. I use Opera exclusively and where they get delivered is irrelevant they all have to end up somewhere.
Second, Delivered emails just on Google alone, you have me delivered to 1.1 million e-mails, when my active contacts only amount to less than 1500 and I have been with you guys a little over 4 months.
Third spam rate is reported as 0.07 what is that, 1 person? And complaints 1269 in over 1.6 million, get serious! I get more complaints from my wife alone in one month.
Fourth, Spam traps. I have no control over those, no more than you can control the weather, since my contacts come exclusively from Facebook paid ads.
Fifth, Bounces. I did not realize that I had a stale list of more than 9600 contacts and I deleted them when I was made aware of the issue.
Sixth, 95% of my hits come back as spam. I clean my list of spam complaints on a weekly basis, which by the way are not spam, They are ALL Clickbank ads
Rogers.com is my Internet provider /  business email / Cable
Sending e-mail with different content is true, but isn't that the purpose of paying an auto responder a small fortune each month? Again ALL clickbank ads.
Acceptable use policy violations
Credit Repair
Again Clickbank Ads and they both advertise books on the subject not sales of services or product.
Unsolicited Marketing. Not true! All contacts go through Infusionsofts protocols. 

Me again:

Lyle, I think I have identified where the problem lies.
I have been tagging all my funnel leads under one giant general list, instead of sending my e-mails to their specific tags of interested parties, I have been sending them to everybody, hoping to spark interest.
I needed help with this, not termination, something that should have been taught with your kickstarter program.
Lyle if you turn my account back on, I will give you my word that I will fix the issue and bring the spam count to as low as humanly possible.

Me again:

Ok Lyle, I studied the information you sent me and I realized what the problem is.
I have spent several hours on the phone with several people and a few I know from FB and they all have told me the same "Paul I am not getting your e-mails". So I asked to check their spam folder and sure enough all but one, there it was. 
That being said this whole thing may not even be my fault or my e-mails at all.
I went looking in my own e-mail server and have e-mails there for different things I opted in for.
So Google and Yahoo, are flagging my e-mails as spam and are coming back as spam.
Never-the-less I just spent 2 or 3 of those hours, cleaning up my campaigns on a terminated account, deleting contacts that are not tagged to that campaign, just to prove to you, that any problems on my account was not intentional. Check it out yourself.
My contacts are now squeaky clean to the best of my ability and those"bad" numbers will never show up on my stats.
So Lyle, be a pal and reactivate my account.

(Due to lack of response I can only assume, that the asshole blocked my e-mails)

Most Auto responders won't even acknowledge you, unless you have a tiny list or favorable screen shots of your last Auto responder.
If you need a great platform, email me and I will send you a link.

So, if you are thinking of a career as an Online Marketer, I would really re-evaluate that decision unless you have found something that works for you, like Ebay or Drop-shipping.  

Check out my course that teaches people to avoid and get around pitfalls like these, https://drpauloneverything.lpages.co/if-can-dream-it-you-can-achieve-it

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