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Google / YouTube and FB should be ashamed of hindering, curbing or downright stopping good people from making an honest income online and providing for their families, just because their narrative goes against Googles political ideologies or leftist views.
By doing so, you are robbing your patrons and your country to flourish and shine in the world.
How? Unemployed online Creators and Marketers pay no taxes and kill any motivation to even try. Thereby increasing their dependence on the already frail welfare state for survival.
Example: This blog which is suppressed for its content has never grown past a couple of hundred views a day in a couple of years, while its identical copy page on Facebook gets 30000 views each month and to over 1700 daily through our subscribers.

Update: I wanted to let you know that big changes are coming to Google Chrome in July 2018, that could have a negative impact on your marketing efforts. The browser will begin blocking all urls that do not use an SSL security certificate, and instead show users a warning message.
Any links that you are currently using, will need to have that ‘S’ added after the http (https://).
Simply add this ‘S’ to your links now, to make sure you are not affected by this Google Chrome update. Or use a different browser.

Project Archetype

Project Archetype


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Welcome to a brand New World

Welcome to a brand New World

This morning I got up to this.

Google AdWords
Your account is suspended
Your AdWords account xxx-xxx-xxxx has been suspended because we’ve identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of your account.
As a result, your ads will no longer run on Google or our partner websites, and you can’t create any new accounts. If you believe your account was suspended in error, submit an appeal and we’ll review your account.
Learn more about suspended accounts.
The Google AdWords Team

What is WRONG with these

When I first started online, I got suspended from FB a few times for inviting friends to fast.
After the third suspension, I vowed to NEVER invite anyone again. I stuck to that promise, except when a friend suggested another. But my friends list grew to 4956 anyway on its own.
FB blocked my access to my 859 business groups, because 2 people accused me of spamming for putting my business ads on business groups. But their ads are still up and running to this day.
After that, I vowed to go underground and open several accounts, each with several groups. impossible to trace.
Then it was Google, that decided to demonetize my YouTube account, For advertiser non friendly content like they did with everybody. So that most people that made a living off YouTube, generally went broke. Eventually they just deleted my channel all together.
That was the end of YouTube for me. I don't watch TV because most of it, is garbage and fake news, now YouTube has followed suit.

Then Google closed my Adsense account, accusing me of ad bombing.
Ad bombing is the act of one self clicking their own ads, on their own site for monetary gains. I wasn't, but even if i was my computer is protected not just by one, but two VPN's. So it's impossible for them to trace the source of traffic.
They just figured, "hey, we are paying this guy a few hundred a month and therefore, there has got to be something wrong. We can't have that".

I should have seen that coming when most of the ads in later weeks were all from Russian or Chinese companies.
Now they suspended my Adwords account. No explanation, except that I was in violation of their terms and service or billing. I did not get an invoice from them this month. but hey if someone else wants to pay my bill they are welcome.
How can anyone violate their terms and service by posting a website like this one http://1on1onlinesurveys.gr8.com and posting keywords suggested by Adwords?

Google is insane and the only reason i still have an account with them is because my blogs were created a long time ago with Google and are free.
But the moment they have an issue with them I will delete the account and go with their competitors. As I do now with the online Advertisements.

Is it any wonder why so many people are having a difficult time making it online? If you are interested, I have designed an online course getting around  Google.

Here is the link http://www.grnewsletters.com/archive/paul_duarte/If-you-can-dream-it-you-can-achieve-it-485397905.html?show_schedule=yes&u=XDh5

Why give your hard earned dollars to these assholes, who only care about their corporate sponsors, instead of you the common men that put them where they are, with very little or no appreciation.

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