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Project Archetype

Project Archetype


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Canadian Immigration Office Refuses my wife's visitors VISA application for the fourth time

The Canadian  Immigration Office Refuses my wife's visitors VISA application for the fourth time
The Canadian government is allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented economic refugees and terrorists into the country, with no education, no job skills, no back ground checks, most can't even speak the language and without intention of working or integration into society. 
While providing them with a $4200 plus welfare cheque every month, free housing, free medical, free transportation and freedom from prosecution or wrong doing,  yet they refuse my Philippina wife a VISA to visit her Canadian husband in Canada?

Here is a copy of my invitation letter.

Attn.: Immigration officer
Re: Invitation for Lucy xxxxx xxxxxx

July, 18 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Paul xxxxxx (DOB xxxx/xx/xx), I am a Canadian Citizen living in Toronto, ON.
Hereby, I confirm my sincere intention to invite my wife, Lucy xxxx (DOB xxxx/xx/xx), to visit me, my family and friends in Canada, from August, 2018 to whenever you gracefully allow her to stay.
Lucy xxxxx is a citizen of xxxxx, xxxxxx Philipines, employed by xxxxxxx as a Social Media interpreter in the Philippines, residing permanently at #xxx xxxxx
I am employed as a Tax Consultant and Online Marketer at Duarte & Associates Inc. www.drpauloneverthing.com.
I have a PhD in psychology, since August 31 of 1998; my employment income varies from year-to-year, from 30K to 100K, because of my various sources. I am co-owner of Duarte & Associates Tax Consultants with my son xxxx. I also have an Online Marketing business and finally a Medical Pension due to a form of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
My son is also co-sponsoring my wife. Aside from owning D&A inc, he is also General Manager at a major commercial supply company (xxxxx).
Attached is proof of his more stable income T4 and T1, my own T1, and a combined credit card balance of about 10K.
Our family of three (me and my parents) live in our own fully paid 12 room house, (worth approximately $750,000), which is spacious enough to accommodate my wife and more.
I also own my own house in Norther Ontario.
Lucila is welcome to live in our Toronto house during the entire period of her stay. We will pay for all her trip expenses (food, accommodations, transport and any other unforeseen expenses).
To substantiate my ability, my son as well as my folks (who have a net worth of well over a million dollars CDN) to financially support my wife during her stay. I provide the summary statement of accounts from my bank, which statement will be enclosed with Lucy's application.
We look forward to your favorable decision in the application that will allow us to spend some time together.

With credentials like that and family support, how in the world would anyone get turned down.

If you have difficulty reading the rejection letter press ctrl+ 3 or 4 times then ctrl- to go back

After spending over $400 with these assholes, I almost have enough for her plane ticket.
I am just about to go rogue on these guys. If anyone have any suggestions or contacts, please let me know (no scammers please). 

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