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Project Archetype

Project Archetype


Friday, November 9, 2018

Canadian Immigration bureaucracy in the Philippines

Today in stupidity
As some of you regular subscribers know, for the last 4 and a half years, I have been trying to get my girl, now wife to come to Canada from the Philippines, not to live, but merely just to visit.
We have applied 5 times for a visitors VISA, the last 2 as married.
The first time we applied was as single. The first application, she applied at the VFS in Manila. She was turned down on the meek excuses that she did not have a bank account, a job, an eligible sponsor, she did not convince them that she would return after the visit and did not have a travel history, even though she worked in Qatar, Bahrain and Egypt and can't go anywhere unless they issue her a VISA. She was told this, after I spent over $1200 on an non-refundable airline ticket.
The second time, again, we applied as single. But this time, I applied online, thinking that it might make a difference. But the outcome was exactly the same.
As a sucker for punishment, I decided to try a third time online, but this time, I hired Lucy as an English to Tagalog translator for my online ventures, Lucy opened a bank account and tried to get a little more flowery and more detailed on the application. Again the outcome was the same.

Then I let some time lapse and went on vacation to the Philippines in 2016. While I was there, I went to the Canadian embassy with Lucy, asked a few questions and made sure that everything was in order on Lucy's part. However, after I came back, I still had a lingering feeling that if I dished out yet another $100 plus, that the application would get refused. So I waited.
The following year, in 2017 I went back, but this time with the intentions of getting married. In which we did!
Confident that surely the government would not deny a man the right to see his wife, I applied again onine. I applied for a visitor VISA because the processing time is only 15 days as opposed to a spousal VISA which can take up to a year. WRONG! They denied it again based on my eligibility (being disabled on a medical pension), she did not convince them that she would return after the visit and did not have a travel history,
I sat there scratching my head and emailed them back, and did something I should not have done. I called them idiots. I realized after that my enraged moment of stupidity could easily get me barred from entering the country. 
Last month Lucy wanted to try again with a different sponsor. So, my son who has a great job, a great income and generally debt free life, I convinced him to help me out. I totally backed away. The results were exactly the same as when I applied last. My only conclusion is that these assholes blacklisted me or Lucy, for some unknown reason.
Now I am married to a woman, who is a prisoner in her own country, own a condo that I have never seen and may be barred by my own impulsiveness. At this point I am ready to do anything legal or illegal. The last alternative is to seek a MEGA expensive lawyer, I can't afford.
Email with suggestions. I am at the end of my rope.
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