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Project Archetype

Project Archetype


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Justin Trudeau announced he’s set up a $595,000,000 slush fund

Just a few hours ago, Justin Trudeau announced he’s set up a $595,000,000 slush fund for Canada’s few remaining private sector journalists — but only if he can “trust” them.
I’m not making that up. Here’s how the Globe and Mail reported it tonight:
"A key question that remains unanswered for now is which organizations will be eligible for the new measures and which ones will be excluded. The government said the package will aim to help “trusted” news organizations…
Let me translate that into plain English. There’s an election next year. And if you are a journalist who wants in on Trudeau’s $595,000,000 slush fund, he has to know that he can trust you:
  • No tough questions for Trudeau or his cabinet, no matter how incompetent.
  • No embarrassing investigations
  • You have to demonize any Trudeau critics as “bigoted” or “homophobic” or “Islamophobic”.
  • And you have to promote Trudeau’s policies on everything from the carbon tax to open border mass immigration.
Trudeau wants to turn Canada’s newspapers and private TV stations into little replicas of the CBC.
He’s buying their loyalty.
And every single media company in Canada is going to go along with this. 
All the big newspapers — the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the National Post — have been publicly begging Trudeau for a bail-out. They even hired lobbyists.
The big TV stations — CTV and Global — have been salivating over it too, jealous of the CBC’s free money.
And the big journalism union has not only called for government money, but they've also pledged their loyalty to Trudeau in return. Just a few weeks ago, they announced they will campaign as an official pro-Trudeau SuperPAC in the next election.
It’s a quid pro quo: if journalists give Trudeau good coverage, he'll give them $595,000,000 of your money.
The Rebel is the only independent media company left.
Every newspaper in the country has announced their intentions to cash in. Every radio station, every TV station, every news website.
Trudeau can’t buy us.
We take no government money at all — zero. And we never will. Which is the reason we can say report honestly about Trudeau.
It’s why he doesn't “trust” us. Because we answer only to you, our viewers.
He hates that about us. (The Rebel)
But now our job is more important than ever — because every other independent-minded journalist in the country has just been bought off.
It’s just us left.
Trudeau attacked The Rebel by name in Question Period today, because of our investigative reports into the scandals of his mass immigration policies.
We’re the only media in the country that dares to criticize him anymore. 
And he watches us.
And he hates us.
Because he can’t buy us. 

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